A very special fragrance has just landed in Avoca nationwide. Created in The Burren Perfumery in County Clare, Summer Harvest evokes lying in a meadow on a hot afternoon without a care in the world. It is described as ‘a delicate floral fragrance with notes of Meadowsweet, Lady’s Bedstraw and a hint of Chamomile’.

The Burren Perfumery, Summer Harvest €42

With it’s own herb garden and blending room, The Burren Perfumery which you’ll find around two kilometres from Carran in County Clare, is all about respecting its unique environment. The brands’ philosophy reads:

‘We make perfumes and cosmetics using natural and organic ingredients. We take our inspiration from the landscape around us. Everything is made by hand, on site, in the Burren’

The Burren Perfumery is based 2km from Carran, County Clare
The Burren Perfumery Herb Garden Hand and Body Lotion, €24

The Burren Perfumery has divided its products into six scent families reflective of its awe inspiring surroundings: Atlantic coast, Grassland, Herb Garden, Irish Limestone, Lost Garden and Woodland.

The Burren Perfumery: A family affair, perfumer Sadie Chowen-Doyle with her daughter and husband.

Fore more information go to: www.burrenperfumery.com