Congratulations to Christina Cassidy from Co Galway who’s the winner of our competition to mark the launch of Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons’ new exhibition, Diana – A Fashion Legacy. Christina wins these classic pieces reminiscent of the late Princess.

Thank you to everybody who got involved on social media and on the website. It’s clear that the late Princess is still fondly remembered and missed by those who loved and admired her warmth and beauty

Our winner, Christina, will also be invited to attend the launch of the new exhibition on Monday, 31st of July at the Museum of Style Icons in Newbridge. The star guest on the day will be Elizabeth Emanuel, the designer who created Diana’s iconic wedding dress and many of her other famous looks over the years. 

Diana – A Fashion Legacy: The official royal wedding photo of Charles and Diana released in 1981
Diana – A Fashion Legacay: Designer Elizabeth Emanuel who created Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress will attend the official launch of the exhibition in Newbridge

We look forward to another great installation from the team at Newbridge Silverware.



  1. I love when she wore the black dress that became known as the “Revenge dress” in 1994 she looked amazing!! & my favourite memory of her was when she went to visit aids patients her kindness & beauty is something that will never be forgotton. Fantastic prize!

  2. The white pearl studded suit that became known as her “Elvis” suit. I don’t think anyone else could pull off that look. Memory would be when she hadn’t seen the boys (William and Harry) and they ran to her for a big hug.

  3. She looked stunning in the ‘Travolta’ dress and the iconic pictures of her dancing with John Travolta at the White House stand out in my memory.

  4. Diana in simple jeans and a jumper when she was with her kids in Thorpe Park. They looked so happy, my heart breaks when I see it now. She was so kind and a great mum.

  5. I was about 7 and totally in love with Diana.. I collected pictures, books postcards. Every newspaper and magazine in the house was carefully reviewed and if there were ANY pictures of Diana there, I cut them out and added to my collection. I had thousands!! I remember writing the letter (there were no emails then)”Dear Diana. My name is Janet and I love all your clothes and everything.” I told her all about my collection, and invited her to come visit (if she ever found herself in Tallaght on some royal engagement) and asked her for a signed photo, the ULTIMATE addition to my collection. I decorated the envelope with a unction jack. And posted it to ‘Princess Diana. Buckingham Palace, London’
    Some weeks later I was in school, 1st or 2nd class I think. And my Mam arrived up during our yard time….waving an envelope. With the official royal imprint on it!!!!! I must root it out but it basically said she couldn’t send me a picture because she got so many requests. And thank you for the invitation. And how flattered she was by my letter…it was from her lady in waiting Anne Beckwith Smith. The paper was thick and watermarked and had a waxy palace stamp at the top…’s at home in my mams house, wedged into the pages of one of my many ‘Diana’ books ……she never came for tea. But that letter made my year!!!

  6. my favourite memory is of her with William & harry at the water park she so looked so happy with her boys my favourite dress was the pearl evening dress it was so elegant just like her

  7. I’ll always remember that black taffeta strapless dress by the Emanuels. Diana looked incredible. It was 1981 and one of her first big fashion moments.

  8. I think for me it has to be the stunning and beautiful Cathrine Walker Dress she wore on an official visit to Thiland. It is the most exquisite red dress with a purple. I was only a child however I still remember that dress. Many of my memories also include her with children and one of her been such a mum bending down helping a child pin something to his football jersey of with a little girl on her knees. She truly was the definition of style icon and will always be the people’s princess and if I can remember that and i was 10-11 that shows the impact she made on the world. Amazing competition so beautiful.

  9. I remember when she had her hair cropped short by Sam McKnight, into that iconic style. It was such a departure from the norm for a royal figure. It symbolised greater freedom & modernity to a generation of young girls, like me, who longed for a Diana crop.

  10. The Revenge little black dress, Diana looked so in control and confident no mater what was going on in her life she always put her best foot forward.

  11. I saw her, in person, at the opening of the 1991 London Motor Show. She passed close by me, and my abiding memory is how stunningly beautiful she was – especially her amazing blue eyes and that dazzling smile.

    My favourite dress is the Christina Strambolian ‘Revenge Dress’. Any woman, who has ever been humiliated and betrayed by a partner, will appreciate the power of that non-verbal communication master class!

  12. Maureen O Halloran Osayi
    Wow. What an icon of style lady Diana was. I remember the 80’s when the whole country went wild for the beautiful Court shoes she wore. They became the biggest must have for all young girls. I remember saving for weeks to get a pair and when I started earning more then I bought even more court shoes in many colours. There wasn’t an outfit around that they didn’t go with. I was also hooked on all her classic feminine two pieces and dresses. It was so easy to look like a lady when wearing her styles. Diana was classy and so feminine but also fun and loved when she wore my fav colour blue and of course she loved pearls as do I. I think I could sadly say Diana inspired me along with Jackie O and Coco Chanel in my own designs later on. By the way great competition.

  13. I always loved the blazer and white cropped jeans look on Diana. It was so casual yet so smart. It is still a timeless look. She looked extremely comfortable and still immaculate, as always. She was truly a beautiful woman, but inside and out. Hard to believe she’s gone, even after all these years. Her legacy, apart from her obvious style, is that she changed and saved the future of the royal family. Her sons are a credit to her. I’m so happy that she had found some happiness in her life before tragedy struck. Who couldn’t remember that night when she was taken away? Her memory will never fade

  14. It’s hard to narrow it down to one outfit as so many of her iconic looks have really stood the test of time. I remember growing up a young child and my mother was besotted with Diana, to this day we still have a cabinet in our good room dedicated to books, magazines, newspapers and souvenir items from Althorpso. We have visited Althorp, the fashion exhibition in Kensington Palace and so many other events and exhibitions dedicated to Diana. If I had to choose one outfit, I would have to go with the Catherine Walker Elvis dress…such beautiful detail and a truly stunning look! I would love to win this prize to give to my mother so she can continue her journey to visit all events dedicated to Princess Diana.

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