Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t half love herself. Her Instagram account is a shrine to her indisputable beauty. One word captions, if that, sometimes just an emoji and then that bootilicious bum and those gravity defying boobs in a teeny weeny bikini.

The 26 year old model and outspoken campaigner for women’s rights is a great one for doing video close ups on IG Stories and slow pans of her face, just in case you missed those glorious features. It’s extremely self-indulgent stuff but her 14.8 million followers don’t seem to mind. Sure isn’t that why she has 14.8 million followers?

Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram

I’m all for a bit of vanity to put your best foot forward but this level of narcissism is unsettling. Like so many social media stars, she seems to have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with herself.

Is this empowerment as she would claim or a serious case of self love gone too far?

You may say, she’s a model, looking like a complete vainer is part of the gig. Perhaps but constantly displaying your sexuality becomes a bit tiresome too. You ain’t nobody on social media until you’ve shown off your backside in some form of nigglesome swimwear while pretending to look off over the horizon.

Peachy: Emily Ratajkowski once again showing us her impressive arse              Image: Instagram

If I’m confused as an adult witnessing these trends, I wonder how young girls feel with so much skin on display on social media. It works too. The more you strip, the more likely you are to gain followers/popularity. We live in a body obsessed age, sexually charged with confidence of steel and abs to match.

Here we go again: Another butt shot of Emily Ratajkowski Image: Instagram

Recently Emily who’s a smart cookie despite her vacuous Insta account, posted an excerpt from an article in which Madonna was being celebrated for allowing women to be sexually free as opposed to sexually available. I like this point.

Maybe I’m being prudish but some part of me worries about the Female Gaze on women. Is it just as restrictive as the Male Gaze?

There’s celebrating your sexuality and beauty with freedom and then there’s the issue of women constantly being dismantled into body parts or rated on their looks. It’s not straightforward.

Besotted: Emily Ratajkowski in selfi mode

I believe in a woman’s right to wear what she wants, no matter how sexually provocative and still walk home feeling safe from harm. Nobody has the right to touch another person’s body without consent or degrade them in any way for their choice of outfit. If only we lived in world where everyone thought similarly. In conclusion I’m all for sexual freedom in all its guises for women but shameless narcissism, whatever your gender, I’m just not there yet.