Michelle King is a Clinical Aromatherapist working in The Natural Health Clinic, Cashel, Co. Tipperary. “You smell good,” is how she’s usually greeted.  
With an array of holistic courses to her name, she also has an undergrad in Science and can be sometimes found in the classroom as a primary school teacher and wellness facilitator, still smelling good, still rolling those essential oils. 

Kin-easy-what? I studied Kinesiology while working in a dual role of accounting and tech support in the I.F.S.C

The markets were bullish and I enjoyed my pre-bear lifestyle and yet, I yearned for more. Personal development. My own Hero’s Journey. A sense of Spirit.

Kinesiology: The study of human movement

The easiest way was to do a course. Let someone else teach me my purpose. What I found instead was a decade of learning and using these wellness tools to live an empowered life. Kinesology was key.

What is Kinesiology?
Traditionally, Kinesology is the study of the body’s movements. It’s a triage system of muscle testing the body to triangulate the issues / blockages and clear them with treatment.

Kinesiology: Your body is a bio-computer according to natural healer Michelle King Image: Pixabay

The Science Part
Similar to one of Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion, which states, “for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction,” that notion could explain this questioning style.

The mental, chemical, physical, energetic and environmental are examined, and cleared simultaneously at each treatment.

Your Body is a Bio-Computer

This treatment consists of therapeutic reflex massage, nutritional supplements, essential oils, tapping. Most holistic practitioners have a vast knowledge of other therapies and use pieces from each for an individualistic treatment.

How can Kinesology help me?

Today we are going to learn about muscle testing and how to use this as a tool to empower your life, get clear on your highest purpose, clear blockages, and tap into your higher self.

Kinesology’s muscle testing can take you from passive life student into embodied and empowered.

What is muscle testing?

By applying stress to a muscle or group of muscles, it weakens or stays strong, when this is done with a particular intent in mind the weak becomes a no, the strong becomes a yes.

There’s lots more to this – so I’ll leave this study here for your further reading https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10407911

I use muscle testing in my Clinical Aromatherapy practice. I will have a protocol done out with a list of suitable essential oils but will double check with the body by applying some pressure to the client’s lower arm and asking their body.

How to do this for your self?

Stand or sit upright, slightly hold your arm by your side so your muscles are engaged, ask, “Give me a yes/no.” Note your responses.

Now, all ya gotta do is create the right questions to ask. Find out what your body needs, what you want at a soul level, tap into your gut by asking these yes / no questions. 

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