I’m with Thomas Markle. For goodness sake Meghan, stop ignoring your pops. Who cares if he’s embarrassing? Who gives a fig if he speaks out of turn? Yes he was insecure to stage those  papparazzi shots before the Royal Wedding. It’s a forgiveable offence, as is talking to the press…writes Aisling O’Loughlin.

The Royal family don’t own him. And you should make it clear that they don’t own you either. Just because you married a prince doesn’t mean you have to start acting all uppity. Cutting off contact with your 74-year-old pops is not cool. Maybe there’s more to the story than we know but at least sort it out in private.

Now Chrissy bloody Teigen is even slagging him off on Twitter to her 10.6 million followers saying:

‘This guy…this guy sucks. What is wrong with him? Let your daughter be happy please. This is embarrassing’.

Luckily big half sis Samantha, you know the one you didn’t invite to your wedding to make space for all those celebrities you barely know, rose to the occasion, retaliating with his zinger: ‘So this pudgy airhead @Christineteigen Who knows nobody in the family is opening her pie hole? “This guy” is our father and deserves a lot of respect,..you are the one who sucks’. I generally like Chrissy Teigen but she was asking for this one.

Thomas is clearly frustrated his daughter has shut him out. He’s right you know. Princess Di would not have approved of his treatment. She may not have been academic but she would have had the cop on to make sure he felt included, despite his shortcomings.

Using her inherited status to impose her superiority on her fellow human beings was not her way. She wasn’t called the Queen of Hearts for nothing.

If Diana was still around she would have nipped this one in the bud with a photo op showing all the family getting along, nothing to see here folks. She was emotionally intelligent like that.

The thing with family is when the marriage is over, when the well has run dry, when you’ve put diesel in your petrol car, when you’ve forgotten your passport at the airport…dammit, they’re all you’ve got. Friends will put up with your nonsense for a certain amount, but family are stuck with you and your dumbass life decisions. Blood really is thicker than water, and quite frankly should be thicker than the ridiculous notion of blue blood in this case.

What Meghan needs to realise, what we all must eventually realise, is that our parents don’t have to be perfect.

They don’t always have to say the right thing at the right time or behave impeccably when you need them most. You’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment and therapy bills if you’re signing up to that way of thinking.

The Royle Family

The Middletons aside, most families have their squabbles and politics and disappointments. It’s called real life. It’s ok.

We’ve all been at the party where a relative is getting too drunk, too loud, too obnoxious, too bitter…but you know, on with the show, just like the other Royle family we know and love.

It’s just life’s big messy melting pot of personalities and peculiarities. Do the right thing Meghan. Call your father and let him wish you a happy 37th birthday without going through your security. Who cares if he blabs about it later? Be true to your civilian roots and laugh it off.