Positive thinking. It can make you blow a gasket. Eventually. We’ve got the law of attraction thing at this point. Like attracts like. Descend into a fouler at your own peril, you’ll probably open the door on your face and slip on a banana skin on the way to A&E. Funny it still doesn’t stop us getting our knickers in a knot.

Life. It gets in the way. Or more to the point. Other people.

The law of attraction would have you tend to your own vibration and stop finger pointing, low vibrational stuff. Ok so grit your teeth. Until. Until  you can’t hold it in any more and you lose your biscuit. Negative energy. It’s a bitch. Nearly as bad as too much positive energy. So where are we? Is it really ok not to be ok?

Mental Health Awareness: TV presenter Caroline Flack shared an Instagram post about her struggles Image: ITV

TV presenter Caroline Flack was feeling down recently and ‘reached out’ to a pal. Or at least someone she thought was a friend but who ended up calling her ‘draining’. Ouchie.

Can you imagine what it’s like being Caroline Flack and having to be ‘on’ all the time. People judging your appearance, asking for selfies while defending Love Island’s place in popular culture.

If anyone is allowed not to be ok it’s Caroline Flack. Her so called buddy clearly wasn’t up for a counselling session. Fine. Another X on the Christmas card list.

She wrote on Instagram:

“I feel like this is why some people keep their emotions to themselves. I certainly hate talking about my feelings. And being a burden is my biggest fear.

Mental Health Awareness: TV presenter Caroline Flack has appealed to people to go gently with each other

The best thing about being down is that it doesn’t last. You get your mojo back and your pal is blacklisted for life, as low vibrational as revenge sits on the scale. At least it’s further along than despair. It was a good week for talk about mental health, Monday being #mentalhealthawarenessday. Can you believe we talk about our feelings these days? We do, even if our friends try to deflect us, we persist. You did say, did you not? It’s ok not to be ok, didn’t you?

Mental Health Awareness: Irish designer Sarah Murphy shares a photo of her 18-year-old self on Instagram

Irish designer Sarah Murphy posted a skeletal image of herself as an 18-year-old with bone arms extended, four months after being admitted to hospital with anorexia.

She wrote, “…don’t beat up on yourself if some yoga and meditation advice from some #healthyliving IG influencer isn’t doing it for you, if you need medication, therapy or inpatient treatment, you’re not a failure for it… also don’t take serious medical advice from someone whilst they’re in yoga pants and a downward dog pose”.

Mental Health Awarenesss: Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen regularly shares her struggles to her millions of followers Image: Instagram

Funnily enough over on the stretchy pants side of town, Yoga Girl, otherwise known as contortionist extraordinaire Rachel Brathen was having a bit of a wobble.

“It’s so very hard for me to share this but I am not feeling well. I haven’t been feeling well all year. I’m tired. So tired,” she expressed to her 2.1 million followers.

Now before you go blaming her vegan diet and lack of iron, she says it’s not all the time, some days she feels tickety boo, just there are Black Dog days and she’s getting help, starting therapy. Maybe too much positive thinking on social media is simply building a geysir of despondency, ready to burst forth unexpectedly just as you post that motivational Maya Angelou quote. As super as positive thinking is, and it is, it’s not so easy to keep the other side at bay. Really, it’s ok not to be ok, friend permitting.