We all know we should but many of us still skip over the sunscreen bit of our beauty routine, despite dermatologists telling us time and time again, this is the most important anti-aging trick. It’s just, sometimes our make-up doesn’t sit right on SPF and sure isn’t there enough SPF in our foundation? Cue new product alert…

Murad City Skin Age Defense promises to tacke the four major causes of skin damage

This latest product by trusted brand, Murad, we hope, will get us into the daily habit of applying sunscreen. This ultra light, 100% mineral sunscreen promises to protect your skin from four of the main causes of ageing:


Murad City Skin promises to tackle blue light from technology

The star ingredient to protect your skin from blue light, emitted from computers, tablets and phones is Lutein. This  advanced ingredient also creates a barrier against atmospheric pollutants like carbon particles, heavy metals and chemical pollutants.


Murad City Skin promises to tackle pollution

Murad’s Polymer Matrix acts as a breathable second skin and blocks the adhesion and penetration of environmental toxins.


Murad City Skin promises to tackle infrared radiation

Iron Oxides protect against Infrared Radiation or electromagnetic radiation which is essentially heat, invisible to the human eye, with much of it coming from household appliances. This also provides the colour correcting peach tone to help brighten skin and boost radiance.


Murad City Skin promises to protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays

Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide protect against UVA and UVB rays without chemicals.

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Price: £45 (€53) Available in June/July 2017