This summer it’s the one-piece swimsuit making waves at the beach and poolside with its slick cuts and bright prints. Teamed with a wide-brimmed hat and beach bag, it’s the ultimate recliner look for a day of fun in the sun. From belted numbers ( Abbey Clancy X Lipsy) to spagetti straps (Tommy Hilfiger) there’s something to suit every body shape and size.

Prices range from the ever accessible Penneys at €11 to €250 for the elegant Kisuii Adele swimsuit at Brown Thomas.

With the rise in body positivity we’re seeing more women show off their tummy rolls with pride in bikinis to which we say, ‘Here,here’.

Thing is, not all of us are body positive, no matter our size and the one-piece offers the respite of picnicking in comfort without being self conscious.

It also works a treat under a skirt of pair of shorts if you want to take a stroll to the shops or to a fancy hotel without fear of over-exposure. The classic white shirt also works well as a cover-up as seen in the Dorothy Perkins summer campaign shoot (below).

Possibly the most important part of your summer outfit is getting your eye protection right. It’s worth a trip to the opticians to ensure you’re giving those peepers and the delicate skin around them solid protection. We love Tom Ford’s over-sized numbers this summer for some added drama.

Other notables include Swarovski x Marcolin Sunglasses at €160 and M&S Collection Polarised round sunglasses at €24.

Beach accessories we love:



Finally with so much controversy surrounding sunscreen and its connection to cancer and coral reef destruction, we’ve the low down on what you need to look out for when buying your SPF this summer LINK HERE