Who hasn’t been Margaret Thatcher at Balmoral feeling like trapped prey and desperate to flee?

We’ve all been there in one guise or another. Trying to be ‘a good ole sport’ while clocking the nearest exit.

Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher walking the Highlands with the Queen Image: The Crown, S4, Netflix

No doubt how Meghan felt before hightailing it across the pond clutching Prince Harry by his Barbour jacket. I wonder what Megixt think of the latest offering from Netflix’s The Crown? Surely they’ve watched Season Four. It’s too good to miss. I’m taking it slowly.

One does not binge watch The Crown.

It’s more pinky in the air for slow and deliberate sips. The series is impeccably executed. A bit like the poor stag, who’s head ends up on the walls of Balmoral Castle in episode two with the help of ingenue Diana and those big, doe eyes that showed no mercy.

Bringing back the stag to Balmoral Image: The Crown, S4, Netflix

Blood sport enthusiasts come across rather cold blooded in this one. The Iron Lady certainly wasn’t impressed with the Scottish Highlands on her debut visit as first female British Prime Minister.

“ What am I doing here?”

she asks husband and closest ally Denis. “Miles from Westminster, miles from reality, wasting precious time in some…” He finishes her sentence, “Half Scottish, half Germanic cuckooland”.

Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher Image: The Crown S4, Netflix

It’s the moment Madge has had it with the privileged class and heads back to London early to fire three posh Cabinet ministers who’d been on TV undermining her authority. Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher is remarkable.

That rock hard blow dry could have been so bad on a low budget.

Emma Corrin as Lady Di would give you goosebumps. There’s Diana reincarnated from the pages of Hello! Magazine, devastated by betrayal of Charles and his unshakeable love for Gladys, his nickname for Camilla, as written on the bracelet he made for her as a pre-wedding gift.

Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles and Emma Corrin as Princess Diana Image: The Crown, S4 Netflix

Everybody else may have fallen in love with Di, but Charles could not give her his heart. And she knew it from get-go. “Whatever ‘in love’ means,” the Prince of Wales revealingly told reporters during her first introduction to the press.

We all know what happens next, but just like the ending of the Titanic, we’re enraptured.

We will go down with this ship. I’ve taken to spontaneous applause at the end of each episode, I’m not far off pushing the sofa back and going for a full on standing ovation. The production values are gold standard.

The Royal Family Image: The Crown S4, Netflix

Episode Four is entitled favourites after Margaret Thatcher’s son, Mark goes missing during the 1982 Paris Dakar rally. As the Iron Lady weeps in front of the Queen in Buckingham Palace she freely admits Mark is her favourite son, despite being a twin to sister Carol. The Queen is taken aback and sets up private meetings with each of her children to see if she has a favourite.

She meets with Prince Charles while pregnant wife Diana is holed up in her bedroom, next Princess Anne who’s also in an unhappy marriage, then Prince Edward who’s getting bullied in boarding school and finally Prince Andrew who’s already showing a taste for sleaze. She concluded to her husband later:

“It’s our children that are lost, not the Prime Minister’s, each in their own deserts”.

No fairytale endings for this one, just a compelling tale of stuffy traditions and rigid rules that seem to favour no-one.