By 2060, according to Professor Luke O’Neill’s planetary timeline, the world’s population will ‘have reached a plateau and will start to decline’. Strangely enough, the Trinity College Dublin biochemist and immunologist never quite explains why that might be the case in his children’s book, Show Me The Science. Might it have something to do with the world’s largest medical trial Luke O’Neill promoted relentlessly on Irish mainstream media these past four years as his critics were censored and smeared? The professor fails to mention the shocking rate of excess deaths in Ireland and highly vaccinated countries across the world since the roll-out of the experimental gene therapy vaccines. No mention either of the long list of side effects from blood clots to heart attacks to Bell’s Palsy to shingles to turbo cancers in Chapter 3: Should We All Get Vaccinated?

You don’t have to guess O’Neill’s answer to his own question. Of course we should all get jabbed over and over and over again, never quite up-to-date on the latest booster. Trust the Science. Don’t be one of those awful anti-vaxxers who believe the jabs ‘contain microchips, or cause cancer’. Ha ha! What a thought! The Covid-19 vaccines are, wait for it, ‘safe and effective’ and have ‘saved millions of lives’ apparently (not the other way around in O’Neill’s lavishly sponsored sci-fi world). The guitar strumming lab coat admits vaccines contain ‘things like aluminium and formaldehyde’ but that’s nothing to worry about we’re told in jocular tones, akin to vaccine enthusiast Dr. Julius Michael Hibbert, M.D. from The Simpsons.

In the book, Trinity’s grinning scientist takes aim at Dr Andrew Wakefield (without stating his name) for linking the MMR vaccine to autism, dismissing his findings as, drum roll please, ‘misinformation’. Quelle surprise!

Back to the professor’s planetary timeline, 2040 will see ‘genetics, nanotechnology and robotics’ become more advanced. Again O’Neill doesn’t state anywhere in the book that his beloved Covid-19 vaccines are nanotechnology or gene therapy for that matter, even though gene therapies pop up throughout the pages as advanced medical care, not a creepy descent into transhumanism. More forecasts for 2040…

Devices will be implanted into the human body to help combat disease, enhance our senses, allow for different forms of communication and provide entertainment. There will be colonies on Mars and on the moon. Artificial intelligence will play a much bigger role in how business and governments make decisions and will take over human decision making.

So in chapter three O’Neill is mocking anti-vaxxers for asking if there could be a microchip in the nanotechnology vaccine and by chapter 13 he states boldly ‘devices will be implanted into the human body’ without a hint of irony. This is the transhumanism agenda conspiracy theorists have been ridiculed for daring to discuss since the Covid hoax and well before that in fairness. It’s very real, or at least fake real.

There won’t be colonies on the moon or Mars, though, will there? Except on Netflix. Doesn’t look like Elon Musk’s rockets are getting out of here, try as they might (to fool us). Even with 33 Raptor engines, wink wink. And somehow NASA has lost all the telemetry data from the alleged moon landing from 1969. Whoopsies.

Musk will have a better chance at implanting his Neuralink devices into the human body, initially under the guise of combatting disease. Mais oui. His latest clinical trial, the PRIME Study, is on the search for participants willing to be brain chipped:

…a groundbreaking investigational medical device trial for our fully-implantable, wireless brain-computer interface (BCI) – aims to evaluate the safety of our implant and surgical robot, and assess the initial functionality of our BCI for enabling people with quadriplegia to control external devices with their thoughts.

Like O’Neill, Elon Musk has also warned us organic humans that there will come a point where artificial intelligence will do everything better than us. We’ll become surplus to requirement. Professor O’Neill predicts AI will ‘take over human decision making’ by 2040. Not too far away. Why on earth would we let the machine we created do that? Surely it’s Homo sapiens who programme the computers and can pull the plug as desired. Sounds like another excuse for depopulation and for a one world government run by the worst kind of transhumanism eugenicists who make it up as they go along.

Computer says no, kind of thing. No to God. No to life. No to nature. No to common sense. It all has the bang of a lame justification to devalue our precious existences, our natural bodies and brains, our connection to the Divine. It’s not inevitable, you know. Resistance is not futile. You just have to care enough to withdraw your consent and plump for the Truth.

By the 2070s, O’Neill predicts a ‘full scale environmental catastrophe will have happened, because in spite of our best efforts, climate change has still been occurring. Large-scale evacuations of cities will have happened because of rising sea levels’. More scaremongering. Sea levels aren’t rising, are they? It’s just another despicable lie so the billionaire self-anointed elites can buy up prime sea-front properties at bargain prices. Maui anyone? The land grab has already started. He doesn’t mention 15-minute cities but these prisons are there between the lines. Where will the people be mass evacuated to Mr O’Neill? He continues:

By the 2080s, though, scientific discovery will massively accelerate because of artificial intelligence. Conventional meat from animals will be completely phased out. Androids will be used in law enforcement.

By the 2090s, Homo sapiens is no longer the dominant species on earth. The day-to-day running of countries will be done by ultra-fast, supremely intelligent robots and virtual entities. Most of the world’s languages will no longer be in widespread use. English, Mardarin and Spanish will be the three dominant languages. The average employee will be working less than 20 hours per week.

Doesn’t Professor O’Neill sound so sure of himself? The purpose of this book is to put the plan out there. We’re fair game if we pay no heed. That’s how these guys operate. They play by a different set of rules that some of us are only becoming familiar with these past few years since the Covid scam. If we still fall for their tricks, that’s on us, we’ve been warned. All of this lines up neatly with the World Economic Forum and United Nations agendas, slavishly followed by our compromised politicians and so-called journalists in the legacy media. It’s grim. But the Truth shall set us free. We must be strong. We must show courage. We must care.

O’Neill finishes his predictions on a land of great mystery for many of us curious types. Antarctica. Something weird is going on there but we’re not allowed to know for some reason. The Antarctic Treaty of 1959 means commercial planes don’t fly there. Too cold apparently. You need a special permit to visit. The explorations of Admiral Richard E Byrd in the 1920s, 30s and 40s leave more questions than answers. His trips were sponsored by John D Rockefeller – there’s even a Rockefeller Plateau in Antarctica, south of the Ford Ranges after another sponsor, Henry Ford. Byrd also got his PR advice from Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda. It’s hard to trust a guy who has clocked up so many military medals but his old interviews still make for interesting content, what’s left of them, at least. O’Neill’s forecast for Western Antarctica confirms it’s an area of special interest for the AI crew:

Western Antarctica will become one of the fastest-developing regions in the world. It will have a climate similar to Alaska today, the ice caps there will have melted and immigration from regions damaged by climate change will be encouraged. The cities there will become artistic melting pots with hugely diverse populations.

By the turn of the twenty-second century, the world will be almost unrecognisable. How do you think that future sounds? Be excited – you may well live to see it.

Those of us who haven’t been depopulated yet, you mean Professor O’Neill. I don’t fancy living in Western Antarctica with Professor Luke O’Neill and his club members thanks, no matter the climate or cultural melting pot activities. He’s even pushing the diversity chestnut in the 2090s. It never stops. This may all seem barking crazy but be under no illusion, this is their plan for us. The transhumanism technocrats are serious about executing it and so far they’ve succeeded in getting the nanotechnology into people’s bodies under the guise of experimental mRNA vaccines for a fake pandemic, liability free to boot.

How far will they get with their dastardly plan to take over the world? That’s up to us. No is the magic word. Consent is crucial to their set of rules. This may be their plan but we don’t have to play along with the madness. Do we want artificial intelligence or our God-given intelligence to guide us out of this mess? The devil always has a cheap counterfeit to God’s creations but it has a purpose, to help us understand the difference. We’ve just forgotten to trust our senses. The experts have misled us, convinced us we’re not smart enough to figure it out. Overcomplicated things on purpose. We know better now.

“Truth is the guidance, the hope and the directive of the human mind and man must strive to understand and to know the real nature of the world.”

Professor R Foster