There is a green myth, that the sea levels are rising, that land is disappearing under the sea and that because of man-made climate change those of us who live beside the sea are doomed to an inundation of Biblical proportions. Certain vulnerable islands, mainly in the Pacific and Indian Oceans will disappear first followed by the rest of us. It’s extraordinary how this myth got traction as the evidence points otherwise, many islands are increasing in size as the coast line recedes.

A recent academic article published in the prestigious journal International Journal of Digital Earth by Zhang et al, December 2023, demonstrates that 339.67 sq km of additional  land has been added to 13,000 islands surveyed by satellite. There was land loss in the 1990 decade but since then 339.67 sq km has been added. If you go back 30 years using satellite imagery allowing for the loss in the 1990 decade, then the increase is 157.21 sq km, a modest but sustained land increase.

Tuvalu Archipelago, Pacific Ocean

Take Tuvalu, an archipelago of 101 islands, for example, part of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands, it was set to disappear according to climate fanatics peddling their extremist nonsense. In fact, happily the islands have grown by 2.9%. Of the 13,000 islands examined, only 12% have experienced shoreline shift over the last few 30 years. Some of that shift has been landward loss and some has been seaward gain. 

Shoreline shift depends on many factors and climate may not be one of them. Most islands in tropical parts of the world are protected by coral reefs. This is nature’s way of keeping the sea back but many societies exploit coral by mining it as a cheap source of building materials and producing lime to fertilise the land. In the Maldives, a nation that we are repeatedly told is about to disappear, mining coral is big business. This removes protection from the sea and subsequent land loss. Coral is broken into smaller parts by dynamiting the reefs to produce aggregate for road building, blocks for house building and much coral is burnt in pits to produce lime to fertilise the land. The net effect is to produce vulnerability to sea inundation. This has not prevented the Maldive government doing the rounds of developed nations with a begging bowl in one hand and the climate version of the riot act in the other hand. If you feel guilty about your carbon footprint you will contribute.  

The Maldives: Still going strong despite repeated predictions it's going to disappear due to climate change

The climate fanatic will attribute seaward expansion to reclamation of land. What is not said is that reclamation in underdeveloped island societies only occurs when the sea has already receded to allow reclamation to occur. Again in any pseudoscience or climate conspiracy theory the scientific inputs have to be carefully cherry picked so that the result  aligns with your preconceived prejudice. Publication in a peer reviewed journal will be a formality as many journals are funded by ‘philanthropist’ who expect a particular narrative. 

Over the centuries the sea level has risen and fallen, the nation of Doggerland between modern Britain and Holland had disappeared about 6,500BC and the Arthurian Kingdom of Lyonesse much later. None of this could be attributed to man-made interventions. The modern climate fanatic attempts to terrorise people into living restricted lives to reduce carbon footprint and the threat of rising sea levels is only one of many non scientific threats used to enforce obedience to an agenda where the ultimate goal is the control of peoples lives. If you can control the free movement of people, if you lock people down in 15 minutes zones or prisons, if you control access to finance through a social credit system that can award or punish by turning on or off your access to your digital cash you have captured society and transformed law abiding and trusting people into neutered and emasculated serfs whose only role is to obey their masters. This can only happen through fear.

Reject climate terrorism, support real science, stay awake to defeat agenda driven prejudices and stay free.