What do you do when you are melting dow? Panic, I suppose. Perhaps you do a total flip on your previous opinions in an attempt to fool those that are not too vigilant. Perhaps you try to lie your way out of trouble especially if you are an accomplished liar. Certainly Sinn Féin ticks all those boxes. 

Let’s look at the up-to-date evidence. The Sinn Féin vote peaked at 36% in the late autumn. There is the usual plus or minus 3% but the trend showed a pattern of consistent growth. Shortly after that the collapse started. The current polls would show a popularity of about 25%. For any political party this would represent a disastrous decline, especially for a party that was confident of government after the next election. In parallel with the decline is the rise of the Independents which is taken to mean the right of centre independents. There have rocketed from 3% to 17% and any worthwhile analysis has to link the two trends as the other variables, the other parties, have remained static. 

Sinn Féin leader: Mary Lou McDonald

Sinn Féin appears to have made a massive miscalculation on immigration, the arrival of unvetted and undocumented male migrants from cultures that we have nothing in common with. The public mood has been expressed robustly throughout our nation and Sinn Féin have chosen not to listen, or at least their detached ruling elite have chosen to ignore the concerns of party members and the broader community. So now for the flip flop, the lifebelt, the attempt to salvage something out of a downward spiral. 

Sinn Féin have announced that they will oppose the proposed ‘hate speech’ legislation now stalled in the Senate. Many Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael elected members are expressing concern about this bill as they attempt to transfer to the winning side. But Sinn Féin have failed to disclose why they are opposing the ‘hate’ speech legislation. Previous party utterances have indicated that they consider that this draconian legislation does not go far enough. Unlike other parties Sinn Féin believe that ‘migrants’ should be a protected category. Their actual proposed wording is ‘…any other regular or irregular status’ referring to migrants. Sinn Féin have lobbied for it to be a ‘hate’ crime to criticise migrants, legal or otherwise. This would criminalise large sections of Irish society and certainly any one of the tens of thousands of people protesting against undocumented and unvetted migrants being dumped into communities.

This represents Sinn Féin at its most duplicitous, at its deceiving attempts to manoeuvre out of an ideological straight jacket that they got themselves into and that they hope the public won’t notice or ask of them the awkward questions that democracy demands. This is a party that believes in totally open borders and those that protest to be labelled as racist and far right. This is a Marxist party of the extreme left having ideological difficulties in dealing with a democracy that deep down they believe shouldn’t exist. Hate speech and indeed all free speech is not to their ideological taste but they know that all they have to do is get elected once to grab the reigns of power and shut down democracy by shutting down debate. This won’t happen if a risen and vigilant public continue to reject extreme Sinn Féin policies and guard our fragile democracy that is based on free speech. Defend free speech and reject Sinn Féin.