There she is – on a funny looking bench, on her own, no William in sight to hold her hand for this, the most important video message of Kate Middleton’s royal career so far, maybe ever. Odd. Instead Kate Middleton had to hold her own hand and squeeze it throughout the strange video message that failed to convince the Internet that this time, it really was her, after so many failed and frankly bizarre attempts to hoodwink the public since her last real life appearance on Christmas Day last.

What are they playing at? The histrionics from Royal servants, subjects and sycophants is plain weird. The Sun, for example, is doubling down on its lies and making out it’s us (those who refuse to fall for their persistent deception) who should be ashamed of ourselves for pointing out the painfully obvious. This, of course, makes it all the important not to succumb to their bully boy tactics. If we’ve learned anything from the Covid scam, it’s the media are ruthless at stamping out dissent and will stop at nothing to push the globalists’ narrative, even if it will eventually cost them their own lives. They will lie and lie and lie some more. They don’t care if we can spot their fibs. They keep lying. This mess of media manipulation is another chance for normal folk to give their heads a wobble and ask, ‘What else have they been lying about?’.

As predicted, newspaper articles have already started to draw readers’ attention to the strange ‘epidemic of mysterious cancer’According to The Telegraph, The disease is affecting fit, younger people more often – and researchers do not yet understand why’. This will show you how cold-hearted the media really is in covering its tracks for its role in convincing the public to roll up their sleeves for a series of dangerous, liability-free trial injections (that cause cancer). Just like sweeter than sweet Kate, the media lulled the public into a false sense of security, suffocated all debate and coaxed their loyal followers into a medical trial that is killing people and ruining innocent lives. They’re using the same tricks again to shut down speculation on the wellbeing of Kate Middleton, dismissing reasonable questions as ‘wild conspiracy theories’. The usual suspects for falling for it all over again.

Is all of this circus simply to normalise cancer for the normies?

Does Kate Middleton really have cancer or are the British Royal Family lying again, while hiding behind their charity facade? Why should we believe them when they said the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ were safe and effective or when they persuaded their fanbase to enter a deadly medical trial for no reason? Why don’t they ever acknowledge the excess deaths since the roll-out of the experiment? We know why. They’re in on the depopulation agenda. Just like the media. Just like Big Pharma who are about to make another killing on cancer drugs and no doubt an mRNA cancer vaccine.

Has something weird happened to Kate since her last real life sighting on Christmas Day 2023? Maybe. Who knows?

All we really know is that we can’t trust liars and that we must remain vigilant in the face of their psychotic theatrics and bare-faced gaslighting.

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