Yesterday the long awaited Dr Cass report was published on transgenderism, seeking a way forward to advise on what is best for young people with gender dysphoria. This report was commissioned four years ago following severe criticism of practices at the discredited Tavistock Clinic in London. This report should be viewed as gold standard and should at this stage be the only report to influence government policy and its carefully reasoned rhetoric should certainly supersede all the biased nonsense and predilections associated with the aggressive NGO lobby groups beginning but not ending with TENI and Belong To.  

The overriding emphasis of the report is caution. The report called for the ‘unhurried care’ of people under 25 pointing out that one’s brain continues to develop into early adulthood and therefore all options should be kept open. Also the report calls for puberty blockers not to be given until a person is at least 18. The report points to the lack of high quality research in this area and the fact that most recipients of puberty blockers go on to advance their transition.

Dr Hilary Cass: Consultant paediatrician

Previously Dr Cass has said that socially transitioning was not a neutral matter as most children who socially transition go on to full transitioning. What is now recommended is that children should receive support and therapy before socially transitioning pointing out that many will desist before puberty. Again the ‘watchword’ is caution with an emphases on delaying to keep all options open for as long as possible. 

The report also highlighted the coexisting factors prevalent in children seeking to transition. Mental health issues, spectrum issues and issues relating to dysfunctional families are ubiquitous.

As many as two thirds had suffered some form of neglect or abuse while 40% had suffered parental mental health issues. These children represent a vulnerable cohort and are easily exploited by agenda driven LGBQT and transgender lobby groups. 

Dr Cass spoke afterwards of the ‘exceptionally toxic debate’ around transgender issues and how she was vilified online. She stated that the ‘stormy social discourse’ did little to help young people and spoke of situations where ‘professionals are so afraid to openly express their views’. She refers to this as ‘the worst bullying behaviour’. 

Belong To, an Irish LGBQT advocacy group granted access to Irish schools issued a statement in which they sidestep the issues raised in the report instead calling for more access to services for ‘trans and young people’ comparing accessing gender services to ‘knocking on a closed door’. Clearly they haven’t learned or want to, this is ideology and the children needing help are their victims. 

As an immediate and practical matter all funding to ‘Belong To’ should be suspended and all access to schools by ‘Belong To’ blocked pending a full independent review that will take on board the findings of Dr Cass as any reputable health service must as a matter of great urgency.