What is going on with the British Royal family? They are behaving in a manner that is inviting suspicion and further scrutiny across the world. Even Kim Kardashian is joking about looking for the missing future Queen. The complicit mainstream media has attempted to allay fears over the wellbeing of the missing princess by playing along with an obvious hoax appearance at the Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday. Anyone who dares to question the veracity of the images has been accused of falling for ‘wild conspiracies’.

If Kate is as happy and as healthy as the grainy amateur video purports, then surely the least she could do is make a quick video update on her health status. That would fix the gargantuan problem in a jiffy. Why has this not happened? Highly suspicious.

To add to the drama Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley has denied rumours of an affair with Prince William through her lawyers.

This video examines how the media is managing the crisis and covering up for the Royal Family while gaslighting their readers in the most extraordinary fashion. It is clear the news outlets are lying. They don’t seem to care we know they’re lying either. It’s rather unnerving.

Like any good sting operation though, the controversy has revealed the cosy relationship between the Royals and the media and the key media players who will go to outrageous lengths to protect Prince William and The Firm.

Something very strange is going on.

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