Saturday, June 15, 2024

Hand Sanitiser Recall: Were the toxic chemicals linked to the spike in child deaths in 2022?

At the time, the Irish Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue said that would be carrying out a review. "The Department is taking this matter very seriously... and will continue to follow up and investigate the matter," he commented. However, as with the hepatitis cases, silence ensued, and both the Department of Health and the Irish Minister for Children Roderic O'Gorman did not appear to view the issue as worthy of their attention. The involvement of the Minister for Agriculture gave the impression that any governmental concern arose from the fact that hand sanitiser companies has made so much money in exchange for inadequate products.

PANIC MODE: Sinn Féin’s immigration stance has exposed their Marxist true colours

his is a Marxist party of the extreme left having ideological difficulties in dealing with a democracy that deep down they believe shouldn’t exist. Hate speech and indeed all free speech is not to their ideological taste but they know that all they have to do is get elected once to grab the reigns of power and shut down democracy by shutting down debate. This won’t happen if a risen and vigilant public continue to reject extreme Sinn Féin policies and guard our fragile democracy that is based on free speech. Defend free speech and reject Sinn Féin.

The Green Myth: Instead of disappearing to climate change, many islands are increasing in size

Reject climate terrorism, support real science, stay awake to defeat agenda driven prejudices and stay free.

Dr Hilary Cass: Toxicity of trans debate means professionals are afraid to speak out

As an immediate and practical matter all funding to ‘Belong To’ should be suspended and all access to schools by ‘Belong To’ blocked pending a full independent review that will take on board the findings of Dr Cass as any reputable health service must as a matter of great urgency.


As predicted, newspaper articles have already started to draw readers’ attention to the strange ‘epidemic of mysterious cancer’. According to The Telegraph, ‘The disease is affecting fit, younger people more often - and researchers do not yet understand why’. This will show you how cold-hearted the media really is in covering its tracks for its role in convincing the public to roll up their sleeves for a series of dangerous, liability-free trial injections (that cause cancer).

DR ANON COLUMN: A snap election lies on the horizon with the resignation of Leo Varadkar

Where do we go from here? This is a short and rapidly put together opinion piece to try to determine the political way forward post Varadkar. Personally I am delighted that he has done the decent thing and resigned, I think as Taoiseach he has been a disaster, agenda driven, loyal to the World Economic Forum, with...

WHERE’S KATE MIDDLETON? AND WHY IS THE MEDIA GASLIGHTING US WITH ENDLESS LIES? What is going on with the British Royal family? They are behaving in a manner that is inviting suspicion and further scrutiny across the world. Even Kim Kardashian is joking about looking for the missing future Queen. The complicit mainstream media has attempted to allay fears over the wellbeing of the missing...

The Dying Game: The Business of Depopulation Elizabeth Oakes: That’s something I would definitely advocate is start talking about what you would like for your end-of-life options? Tommy Tiernan: Like when? Like I’m 50. Elizabeth Oakes: I’d be starting to make your wish-list. (audience laughs) This jovial exchange might...

The Midazolam Smoking Gun: Researcher Denise Kelly finally uncovers the missing link to the April 2020 spike in deaths

Hypnovel - another name for midazolam or midazolam hydrochloride to be more precise. This was the product dispensed in nursing homes across Ireland as part of Covid-19 end-of-life protocols, or euthanasia if you will. Involuntary euthanasia at that. The tells us ‘Hypnovel contains the active substance midazolam, which belongs to a group of medicines known as benzodiazepines”. The...


Like O’Neill, Elon Musk has also warned us organic humans that there will come a point where artificial intelligence will do everything better than us. We’ll become surplus to requirement. Professor O’Neill predicts AI will ‘take over human decision making’ by 2040. Not too far away. Why on earth would we let the machine we created do that? Surely it’s Homo sapiens who programme the computers and can pull the plug as desired. Sounds like another excuse for depopulation and for a one world government run by the worst kind of transhumanism eugenicists who make it up as they go along.