Saturday, March 2, 2024


See how many of these questions you can answer to prove you’ve done enough research for what could possibly be the most important decision of your life... Who is the inventor of the PCR Test?What major award did he win for his invention?What did the PCR inventor have...

GAME OVER Time to admit we’ve been grossly misled

The mainstream media has been bought and paid for. Best you can expect is ceaseless propaganda to ‘Get the Vaccine’ even though it’s an experimental nano-technology that will do more harm than good. This injection, which is not a vaccine, will weaken your immune system and dramatically shorten your life, not to mention how it will affect your fertility.

SPELLBOUND How television’s propaganda controls the masses

As pressure mounts to get 'vaccinated', Author F.Makay explores how television has brainwashed the masses and killed criticial thinking... Scamdemic? Are you the type of person who gets all their information from the TV? If so, you may be interested in what the Church of Satan...

SORRY NOT SORRY The modern day apology has many layers

Sorry. The hardest word. Especially when sometimes we’re just not sorry. Like Piers Morgan. He couldn’t say sorry to Meghan Markle because he wasn’t sorry. An apology would have sounded off and we would have known he didn’t mean his words. Like reading a lawyer’s statement, void of true personal reflection. You...

JUST BREATHE Masking our primary health ally

Breathing. It’s a crime. At least it feels that way. They’re making kids from the age of six up wear masks to school here in France.

BINGO! How toned arms became the ultimate Power Woman’s muscle flexor in Hollywood

Wanna flex some celebrity muscle in Hollywood these days to show that age is but a number? Power arms are the way to go; sleeveless, strong and sculpted like 50 year old Renee Zelwegger’s exposed right arm in Armani on the Oscars red carpet. I’m reliably informed her left arm is just as impressive, if not better.

COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION RETREAT One week of clean living on Lanzarote

I knew it. I just knew we’d have loads of freaky connections. I mean what are the chances of the woman who bought not one, but 10 Hyundai Kona Electric cars for her homecare company being on the same retreat as the couple who have the Hyundai dealership in Ireland? Apparently these...

HOLOTROPIC BREATHING High on your own supply

Drug dealers look away now. I’ve just got off my head on, whisper it, air. Like proper buzzing. Best buzz of my life to be honest. I was definitely in an altered state of awareness and it felt so good. One of the daddies at the school gate roped me into the...

IN PRAISE OF MEN Before things get too gender fluid

Oh men, men, men! You incorrigible bunch. Between starting wars for profits and power you ole rascals and burning barbeques and failing to wipe down countertops and causing then denying global warming, you certainly keep us ladies guessing what devilment you’ll get up to next. Sure look it, I could go on...

BRANDO’S MENTOR The legacy of acting guru Stella Adler

In Spring 2017, Irish actress Jenn McGuirk received a scholarship to the iconic Hollywood school Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre in LA. Here she tells about the legacy of one of Hollywood's most beloved acting teachers who mentored stars including Marlon Brando and Robert de Niro.